Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil and structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the design and construction of buildings. Solar PV rates have dropped dramatically in recent years, putting ongoing pressure on developers to lower the cost of solar projects. As a result, there have been numerous instances where structure designs have been damaged due to the use of low weight constructions, poor material choices, and other factors. Such constructions are prone to failure and do not survive a lifetime. As a result, considerable consideration of design, material, and production processes is required to assure structural durability.

Structural Design Services of Expertise

Our Civil and Structural engineers have a wealth of expertise and knowledge, which shows in the high quality of our advise and design services.

We advise developers, lenders, and investors on the feasibility, design, engineering, construction, and delivery of projects, either in collaboration with other engineering teams or independently on customised civil engineering projects.

Complete design optimization for best durability and yield.

Support for dealing with engineering issues in order to avoid cost overruns, delays, or contractual claims.

Micro level analysis and design technologies like Finite Element Modelling and Analysis are used to find solutions.

To address actual circumstances such as the research of wind effects on solar plants and their structures, advanced modelling approaches such as Computational Fluid Dynamics are being used.

Optimal design that best meets the project’s needs.

Large amount of expertise working in difficult environments such as liquefiable soils, marshy areas, arid regions, and rocky terrains with strong wind, seismic, and extreme corrosion prone zones.


In terms of civil and structural engineering, we offer the following services:


Site investigation and geotechnical review


Structural component inspections in the factory


Civil due diligence and technical advisory services


Contract requirements for civil and structural features, as well as bid evaluation


Design and engineering review of:

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