Flood Risk Assessment - Hydrology Study

We are able to design storm water drainage for the most complex topographies while also providing remedial measures for the same. B.R. Archstruct has a team of specialist engineers who are highly experienced at conducting flood risk assessments for several projects across the globe in various geographies.

B.R. Archstruct also investigates if a lack of an appropriate and adequate drainage system has a direct or indirect impact on power generation and results in operating income loss; we are aware of its importance and impact on the power plant, as well as the frequency with which floods may occur. We also look at whether there are any other options for mitigating or reducing flood risk besides installing a drainage system, as well as whether the drainage system is possible and, if so, how much it will cost.

We then collect meteorological data (satellite based), topographical data for the plant area and satellite based data for areas beyond the plant boundary, historical flood data at the project site (based on public domain information and information gathered during site visit), and analyse and interpret the collected data as needed to complete a hydrology study. While conducting this research, local standards or norms are referred to.

Ability to do hydrology studies and flood risk assessments for operational plants, as well as full Bill of Quantity costing and construction support.

We have industry-based software that helps assess project risk and perform hydrological modelling with 1D and 2D model linking. Solar PV projects are susceptible to Pluvial and Fluvial flood risk from nearby rivers or direct rainfall.

Provide technical specifications and checklists for conducting a site survey of barren land and operational plants, as well as conducting a flood risk assessment.

We provide mitigating methods for utility-scale solar PV plants as well as infrastructural factors such as road heights to prevent floods on roadways and plant accessibility.

Experience conducting hydrological investigations in a variety of topographies.

We give rainfall intensity comparisons for multiple rainfall datasets in our flood risk assessment, which can be used in greater detail.


A Hydrology report with recommendations for reducing flood hazards is the deliverable. As part of the detailed technical scope, we also design and plan storm water drainage systems. The following are included in the hydrological study:

BR Archstruct Flood Management

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