Detailed Engineering

Following the conclusion of the feasibility phase, in which the project’s fundamental design and implementation methods are created along with the appropriate approvals, permits, and agreements, the project continues on to the following phase, Detailed Engineering.

Engineering that spans multiple disciplines

We make it possible for solar power project developers to take advantage of the advantages of a split contract structure. We offer a full range of engineering services, from DC side electrical engineering through infrastructure, structures, AC side engineering, and substation engineering.

Over 17GW of solar projects in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Vietnam, the United States, Egypt, and other African countries have been detailed engineered by us.

All of our detailed engineering services revolve around value engineering.

Optimising the system’s design to allow for future needs to be met while being redundant at all times.

Accurate project design guarantees that the project’s CAPEX is kept to a minimum.

Unparalleled knowledge on how to lay out a PV array.

Automation, Smart Grid, Micro-Grid, Cybersecurity, and other modern grid requirements are being addressed.

Setting up Power Collection System Trends


We provide a comprehensive set of services that shows our knowledge of the requirements for constructing a solar PV project. Our Detailed Engineering services offer a complete PC management solution.


Site Investigation

Project Testing & Acceptance

Construction Management

O&M Consulting

Procurement Management

Multi-disciplinary engineering

Quality Management

In-process & pre-dispatch inspections of :

On the basis of the specified plant components, basic engineering is carried out. The tender designs and specifications are used to conceptualise the essential electrical, civil structural, and infrastructural systems:


Geotechnical investigation review


Examining topographical surveys


Hydrological studies review


Site access and security


From the inverter output to the grid hookup and metering point, AC-side electrical systems are constructed. The LV/MV and MV/HV transformers, grid connection schematics, and metering will all be part of this.


From the PV module to the inverter inputs, construct a DC-side electrical system. Connectors, connection boxes, string combiner boxes, DC distribution boards, and DC cable run lengths and diameters are all part of this.


Overall layout, which includes string and module grouping, module orientation and inclination, row spacing, cable planning, nominal power ratio size, as well as inverter and substation design.


Assessing the impact of surrounding impediments on shading


Evaluation of foundations, buildings, roadways, and infrastructure required for implementation and operation of support structures.


Control and monitoring systems.

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Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering

For a utility size solar PV plant, our team creates designs, project engineering, and execution drawings in accordance with technical specifications, design criteria and procedures, best of engineering codes, and standard engineering practises.

Our team reviews the selected equipment and drawings obtained from various suppliers and contractors as part of our comprehensive engineering services, and supervises the release of various construction designs for site execution.

Infrastructure Planning

The solar PV plant’s whole infrastructure is designed in compliance with the EPC contract, best engineering codes, and utility-scale engineering practises.

Electrical Engineering

The solar PV plant’s whole infrastructure is designed in compliance with the EPC contract, best engineering codes, and utility-scale engineering practises.

Structural and Civil Engineering

Civil engineering systems are built in accordance with the most recent norms and standards.

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